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Get Notified of Alerts and Alarms

Get notified when your life safety equipment is activated, tampered with or in need of service or repair.  We build certified, tested and proven wireless solutions to connect to all life safety equipment utilizing old phone lines to communicate.  Building our technology around the needs of building owners, property managers and facilities directors.  Staying compliant with all State Fire Code and Elevator Code requirement, while offering low cost solutions to reduce your overall communications spending annually.


Emergency and Priority Connectivity

Fire & Burglar alarm systems are your last line of defense in an emergency.  Making sure your connection to Life Safety Systems is reliable and up to fire code.  Using wireless to connect your old panels is better, less expensive and more reliable.  Switch today...


Business Continuity, Out of Band and Failover

When you push the emergency button, you expect help to come running.  We provide better connectivity to life safety equipment when it matters most.  Emergency Phones and Elevators need a reliable connection to emergency services.  A better connection with wireless.  Monitor what matters.

Our adapters

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About Us

Built In The USA!

Our dedicated USA based support is determined to provide the best customer services and systems support possible.  We provide a white glove approach to our implementation.  If your interested in getting more information on our products or systems,  Fire Alarm Monitoring, Emergency Phones, SCADA, FAX and Elevator Connectivity.  Please contact us today!

Self or Professional Installation

We have a national fleet of field service alarm technicians and engineers ready to integrate our technology into your facility.  We handle all the paperwork, testing and turn up of your new connectivity with your State Fire Marshal, AHJ.  Fire Alarm Monitoring and Elevators.  We are specialists, trained and ready to serve...

Email, SMS and Platform

Our wireless adapters replace the phone lines connecting to Fire & Alarm Burglar Alarm, Elevators and Emergency Phones.  Once that happens you are automatically enrolled in our Cloud Platform called the Sinapsium Virtual Monitoring Platform.  We connect to your current monitoring company and central station without wires.  Residential Elevators, Fire Alarm Companies and Fire Alarm Monitoring.  The best wireless adapters available.

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