Our Latest News l Press Releases

2018 Consumer Electronics Show, IoT and Life Safety Wireless with Infatrac.

Infatrac Showcased the latest in Life Safety Connectivity for Emergency Equipment at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Showcasing its new MG2K and EP1 products alongside T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.  CES News l Google News 

Latest Fire Code Approvals, Infatrac with NFPA 72 2016 Signalling Code Compliance

Infatrac was approved by the National Fire Protection Association - NFPA 72 Signaling Code 2016.  Upgrading to wireless.

CalFire has Listed and Approved, Recommends Infatrac

Infatrac was awarded a listing from CalFire and many other state fire marshal offices listing service.  Find out more...

FCC Approves Infatrac For Life Safety Wireless (Fire & Elevator)

Infatrac has made switching to wireless off old phone lines easy.  The POTS shutdown is happening in 2018.  Are you prepared?

Infatrac is UL Listed, Trusted

Infatrac has obtained all licensing and listed needed to be fire code approved.  You can trust in the Wireless Life Safety revolution.  Infatrac was provided UL864 10th Edition listing.  This provides national Fire Marshal Approval and a streamlined way to gain AHJ approvals for each jurisdiction.

You have options for your SCADA and PLC's with Infatrac

Infatrac was fist to offer wireless options for SCADA and PLC subscribers allowing pumps and analog technology a longer life.  Building off the need for a suitable replacement, large utility brands are moving away from POTS to Infatrac with it latest VoLTE Gateway Adapter with Embedded CAT1 LTE.  The MG2K is built for SCADA & PLC's...